This is a photo of water lilliesWe are guided by a set of values that are expressed through the following beliefs and approaches to our work:

  1. Purpose. We believe that through our work with clients, we can help not only the individuals and organizations with whom we interact but also the communities on which they have an impact.
  2. Empowerment. We seek to help clients become more self-sufficient so that they can use their resources more effectively long after our work together ends.
  3. Facilitation. We view our role as facilitator, rather than expert. We help identify new resources, enhance them, and make them available to clients.
  4. Action. All work should lead to practical and pragmatic steps to be taken; our work goes beyond theory into practice.
  5. Hard Work. Our work touches on some of the most complicated personal and family issues that our clients face, as well as technical areas such as law and finance. We are willing to help clients with this hard work.
  6. Integration. It is essential to break down barriers between disciplines and within families, and to integrate all resources through a collaborative approach.
  7. Unknowable. We do not have all the answers; certainty is sometimes not possible. Our clients and we agree that we are venturing into areas that may be unknowable but we bravely ask questions that will help us in this journey.
  8. Partnership. Our clients' lives and livelihoods are at issue; our professions are. We must develop a partnership based on this understanding.
  9. Creativity. This is not linear work. Any approach, solution, or process will require creativity that does not limit itself to ways in which things have been done in the past.
  10. Priorities. The work we do with clients focuses on big-picture issues, with practical implementation.  We do not provide administrative services but always work collaboratively with our clients, their family offices and other advisors to ensure proper implementation and administration.