The Beneficiary Primer: A Guide for Beneficiaries of Family Trusts

Have you been named as beneficiary of a family trust? Does it feel overwhelming? Are you looking for some practical information to get up to speed fast? Here’s an essential guidebook for you. Written by an expert who has more than 25 years’ experience working with families to create, administer, and benefit from trusts, this primer is a “go to” resource for anyone who has been named as a beneficiary. The text incorporates a worksheet throughout that can help you organize information, thoughts, and questions, to set you up for a positive, productive experience. Key concepts are distilled to their essential elements. The tone is encouraging and easy to read while maintaining a sense of the seriousness, and importance, of the beneficiary’s role. Also helpful for anyone setting up a trust as part of an estate plan or for a trustee of a family trust.